Career Actions Ministry Meeting

March 4

Meets most first and third Saturdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m., Fellowship Hall, Mountain View Campus

Topic: Storytelling for Maximum Job Search Success
(How to tell great stories that make people want to hire you)

Speaker:  Daniel Kimble

About the Topic:
Traditional interviewing skills are dead. Putting together a great resume, and preparing to answer some difficult questions is just table stakes. You really need to do a lot more to stand out in this highly competitive job market.

The truth is that what drives interviewers to want to hire you more than anything else is hearing compelling, personalized stories that clearly illustrate your insights, your skills and your experience. That’s the only thing that will set you apart in a memorable way.

Storytelling is part art and part craft. Many believe you either have it or you don’t. In actuality, it’s very much a learnable skill. This ability is most crucial for job seekers where landing that next dream job (or not) has big consequences on your life. The ability to convey your stories in a personalized, compelling way that inspires and moves people to want to hire you is paramount.

In this highly interactive talk, you will learn the reasons why interviewers are most inspired by stories, how to construct and deliver your own compelling stories, and how to weave your best stories into any interview situation – so you can maximize your chances of getting hired.

About the Speaker:
Daniel is the CEO of Resonance Executive Coaching, a Silicon Valley-based firm specializing in peak performance and leadership for CEOs and executives. He is the author of the forthcoming book Mastering the C-Suite: 101 Leadership Tips to Maximize Your Influence in the Boardroom. Daniel is an executive coach, keynote speaker, and a 20+ year veteran of Silicon Valley.

He is the creator of The 80 Percent Leadership Solution TM, a highly practical leadership and team coaching approach that rapidly gets to the heart of the matter and drives real business value in record time.

Daniel holds executive MBA degrees from both UC Berkeley and Columbia University, a bachelor’s degree in computer science from UC Santa Cruz, an executive coaching certificate from UC Berkeley, teaches executive coaching at UC Berkeley, and is an active member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

Coming March 18

Topic:  A User’s Guide to the Human Being
(Learn the 3 Biggest Behavior Indicators of Success and How to Apply them to your Life)
Speaker:  Tim Hoyle

The Career Actions Ministry
(CAM) desires to bring the love of Jesus Christ, during these difficult times, to Menlo Church members, their families and friends and all others who are facing the challenges of job transition. CAM is for both job seekers and employed “Good Samaritans” who want to help.

For job seekers, we offer a multi-faceted program of large group meetings, small Success Teams, and the opportunity to join a web-based service called the Career Actions Network. Start by attending a large group meeting. The aim of the large group meeting is to provide practical training on job search skills and networking.

Event Contact: Marcia Davis-Cannon
Location: Mountain View Campus, 1667 Miramonte Ave, Mountain View