Mountain View Student Ministries

July 30

Mountain View Campus
Sundays, 4-6pm
Arrive @ 3:45pm for “legendary snacks”

Both High School Ministry (HSM) and Middle School Ministry (MSM) now meet Sunday afternoons, 4-6pm. We feel that this will do a couple of things for the ministry. First, this time is much better for the adult volunteers, which greatly helps us achieve our goal of the 5:1 ratio. Second, it seems to be, on the whole, a better time for families. We realize that no time is perfect, and that we are trading one set of scheduling conflicts for another, but in general, this seems to be a better time. Lastly, we are hoping to leverage the time before the 5pm service (4-5pm) for parent meet-ups, prayer groups, seminars, and other things designed to support families.

What should we do now!? 
There are several next steps.

The first is prayer. We know that programs and relationships are great, but in the end, it’s the Holy Spirit that shapes souls. Please pray for our students!

The second is come to our final Parent Meeting this summer (Sunday, August 6 @ 11:30am), you can learn more and ask questions.

The third is volunteer! We have developed many new ways for parents to be involved. You can find out more about getting involved by emailing Matt Stephan or Jessica Havens or attending the Parent Meeting.

Finally, you can send us any feedback! We would love to hear all you have to say about this new direction, good or bad.


To read more details about the discernment process followed by the ReImagine Team, please check out this link.