A Time of Transition

We are thankful to be in community with you, especially during this significant season of transition in the life of Menlo Church. As you may have heard, currently we are searching for a Transitional Pastor to provide interim pastoral leadership while we search for a new Senior Pastor. We will keep you updated weekly on the process along the way.

While transitions can be challenging, they can also be rewarding times of rich growth. We appreciate your patience, encouragement and, most importantly, your prayers—as they are an essential part of the process!

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What does a Transitional Pastor do, and why do we want one?

A Transitional Pastor (sometimes called an Interim Pastor), is specifically trained to lead congregations through seasons of change and leadership transition. Generally, that person comes from outside the current staff to provide fresh insight and perspective. Among other responsibilities, the Transitional Pastor: helps the congregation navigate change from one Senior Pastor to a future one; facilitates healing and rebuilds trust; provides continuity of ministry and mission; and identifies key needs and opportunities for the future. They can also help us identify the qualities we are looking for in a new Senior Pastor. The Transitional Pastor typically serves for one to two years while a search process is underway for a new Senior Pastor.

What do we do during the Transitional Pastor period? How can we make the most of this time?

We definitely don’t stop doing ministry! Menlo Church remains committed to moving forward to help people find and follow Jesus. In addition, we use this time for self-reflection as a church—to consider who we are, where we have been, and how God is calling us into the future. It can be a vibrant time for the church that helps “till and prepare the soil” for spiritual growth.

How does the Transitional Search Pastor process work?

According to our denomination’s guidelines, the Transitional Pastor search process is directed by the church Elders with input and consent from the ECO Presbytery (The Presbytery is the regional body of ECO churches). The process is grounded in prayer and will be led by a search committee that will include two current Elders and two former Elders (we have a lot of folks in our church who have been elders at one time or another!) The rest of the process isn’t that different from many job searches. We’ll post the position in church networks, reach out to potential candidates, review resumes and conduct interviews, and extend an offer with Session and Presbytery approval. Please pray for the search process as we seek God’s guidance in finding the right person! We hope to have the Transitional Pastor selected by the end of this calendar year, if not sooner.

Where are we now in that process?

The transitional pastor search committee has been meeting once or twice weekly, screening 14 candidates and interviewing four in depth. Of those four the committee has narrowed the choice to two candidates. The committee is now checking references on these two candidates. Our hope is that the transitional pastor will start before the end of this calendar year. Your prayers are an essential part of this process! Please continue to pray for Menlo Church, God’s guidance in the search process, and the person God is calling to this role. Stay tuned for more updates. (Updated 9/23)

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