Common Questions

What is membership?

Members are those who commit to making Menlo their faith community for learning, worship, service, and generosity. Membership is when church goes from being “them” to being “us.” As a member of Menlo Church, we ask you to commit to: being a disciple of Jesus, attending weekend services, joining a life group, serving faithfully and giving generously.

How do I become a member?

To make Menlo Church your home church through membership, simply participate in Starting Point sessions, and read through the Membership Guide which includes details about what we believe, membership requirements & benefits, and some frequently asked questions about our church.

What's Menlo's annual budget?

Our annual budget for fiscal year 2020 is $20.4 million and is developed by our staff, carefully vetted by senior staff leadership, and approved by session. Each year’s budget always includes a minimum of 10% of funding dedicated to outreach initiatives.
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What is average attendance?

About 6,000 people attend service each week across our campuses.

How many mission partners does Menlo support?

We have 31 Global Partners and 34 Local Partners. In addition, we support 38 overseas missionaries.
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How is Menlo structured?

Our staff are overseen by our Leadership Team (LT), who represent five broad areas: Campuses, Discipleship, Worship and Communications, Finance and Ops, and People. The LT reports to our senior pastor who in turn is accountable to our Session, the church’s governing board. Session is comprised of men and women (a.k.a. elders) who are elected by the congregation to provide spiritual and operational oversight of all our ministries and mission.
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