Upcoming Baptisms May 5/6 

This opportunity is for those who have come to faith in Christ in the recent past and have never been baptized. If you are interested in being baptized as a sign of your faith in Jesus, let us know today! Advance sign-ups are required here. We look forward to sharing in this tremendous milestone in your life!

Pre-baptism meeting(s) at your campus:

Menlo Park - April 22 at 12:45pm Register or April 24 at 7pm Register
Mountain View - April 22 at 11:30am - Register
San Jose - April 22 at 12pm - Register
San Mateo - April 22 at 1pm - Register
Saratoga - April 22 at 12pm - Register
South City - April 22 at 11:30am - Register

For information about Infant baptisms and dedication click here.

1111 University Drive Menlo Park, CA 94025

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