Discovering God’s Heart for Racial Justice

God’s kingdom calls on us to grow our awareness and compassion for issues of social justice and anti-racism. 

Many people are asking, “What are we doing as a church about this important issue?” Menlo Church is committed to taking intentional steps towards racial reconciliation in the Bay Area. Our first step is to look inward as a staff and as an organization. We are having honest conversations as staff and leadership, taking a look at our culture, policies, language, and defaults to see if there is anywhere that we need to adjust internally to become better representatives of the gospel. We are getting great guidance to help us ask the right questions and to help us find the answers. This process will take some time; we will keep you up-to-date on the decisions that come from these discussions.

Are you wondering, “What can I do right now?” There are many ways to fight for positive change, but for us as Christians, our primary way to serve is to pray. Please continue to pray with us for healing in our community and wisdom through this conversation. In addition to praying, serving those in need helps us address larger issues. Below you will find some relationship-centered opportunities to serve our community.

Read our leadership's statement about racial justice.


  • For Jesus to help you search your own heart and reveal needed transformations.
  • For the Church to live out the gospel.
  • For real change in our nation.

Watch our Worship and Prayer Night - June 11, 2020


Are you wondering how to get started?
Check out this RESOURCE compiled, with our thanks, by Sarah Akutagawa, Menlo Member in Mission, and National Director of Diversity, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship


We want to do something, and we know you do too. It is our commitment to advance God’s kingdom in racial reconciliation. We have reached out to our current ministry partners to discover the best way to engage our congregation in practical acts of good deeds and love.

Find out ways to SERVE.

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