Discovering God’s Heart for Racial Justice

Many people are asking, “What are we doing as a church about this the important issue of racial justice?” Menlo Church is committed to taking intentional steps toward racial reconciliation, starting with looking inward as a staff and as an organization. We are having honest conversations as staff and leadership, examining our culture, policies, language, and defaults to see where we need to change so that our church can better demonstrate that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for all people. We are getting great guidance to help us ask challenging questions and to help us find the answers. This process will take some time; we will keep you up-to-date on the decisions that come from these discussions.

Read our leadership's statement about racial justice.
March 14 Update (start at minute 24)
March 9 Update 
March 3 Update 


Are you wondering, “What can I do right now?” There are many ways to fight for positive change, and as Christians, our starting point is prayer. Pray for healing in our community, humility to learn, and wisdom in our words and actions. As you pray, we invite you to listen for what next step God may be asking you to pursue and to share that with others to help you do it. 


  • For Jesus to help you search your own heart and reveal needed transformations.
  • For the Church to live out the gospel.
  • For real change in our nation.

Watch our Worship and Prayer Night - June 11, 2020



A great place to get started is to engage with Be the Bridge – a community, rooted in scripture, who seeks to equip people and organizations to be aware and respond to racial brokenness and systemic injustice in our world.

The resources below are written from the perspective of the Asian community, but we think that the principles they cover could help in many contexts.

How to respond to racist comments
Safety tips when you experience or witness hate

Additionally, we have reached out to our current ministry partners to discover the best way to engage our congregation in practical acts of good deeds and love. Find out ways to SERVE.

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