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Our hope starts with Jesus. This 30 Day Devotional For Easter is an opportunity for our church family to gather together around the same Scripture, praying the same prayers. Each day we will look at a story of Jesus in the gospel of John, journeying with him to the resurrection and beyond. 

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Day 17: April 3

Day 16: April 2

Day 15: April 1

Day 14: March 31

Day 13: March 30

Day 12: March 29

Day 11: March 28

Day 10: March 27

Day 9: March 26

Day 8: March 25

Day 7: March 24

Day 6: March 23

Day 5: March 22

Day 4: March 21

Day 3: March 20

Day 2: March 19

Day 1: March 18

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