5 steps to inviting people to church!

5 Steps to Inviting People to Church:

1. Pray: Ask God to strengthen you, to guide you. Ask him to bless the person you are going to ask, no matter how they respond. Ask God for the person you ask to say yes! And ask him to make the Christmas services fun and spirit-filled.

2. Don't assume people are hostile to an invite: While most people in the post-Christian Bay Area might have assumptions about church or organized religion, more often than not they are curious about Jesus. And remember, almost 70 percent of people say a personal invitation would get them to church. 

3. Tell your story: If curiosity about Jesus is a main attraction, then people might be persuaded by your story. But keep it simple. Simply saying, "I won't go into the details now, but Jesus has really changed my life" will suffice. 

4. Imagine Jesus with you: This is where it gets good. Inviting someone to church isn't just a moment of connection between you and that person, it's also a moment of connection between you and Jesus. He is with you as you think about the invite. He is with you as you make the invite. He is with you whether the person says "yes" or "no thanks." He is with you as you read this email. So, take a moment to create a mental image of Jesus with you in those moments. 

5. Invite the person into relationship: Remember that not only are you inviting them to church, you are inviting them deeper into your life. So, invite them to a meal at your favorite restaurant before or after the service!

Do you plan to invite someone?? We would love to hear your story! Email us at stories@menlo.church

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