Senior Pastor Search Updates

August 2022 

Greetings from your Senior Pastor Search Committee (SPSC).

Be assured that in the lazy days of summer, your committee is working diligently and without pause! During the last update in July, we shared that we were blessed by having a few new highly qualified candidates to consider. Once again, we reviewed in-depth questionnaire answers (approximately 18 to 22 pages of thoughtful responses) and sermons. Then with each candidate we conducted two separate 90 minute virtual interviews. During this stage of the process, we began our mutual discernment with these candidates specifically focused on:

• Does the candidate feel they would be a fit for the senior pastor position at Menlo Church?
• Does the SPSC feel the candidate would be a fit for the senior pastor position at Menlo Church?
• Does the candidate feel God’s call to Menlo Church?
• Does the SPSC feel God calling the candidate to Menlo Church?

We are very encouraged by the candidates we have most recently considered, all while knowing that God’s ways are higher than our ways, and his thoughts higher than our thoughts. We submit to God’s leading.

We continue to appreciate your suggestions of candidates and we are also grateful for AGORA Search Group’s hard work of recruiting these individuals along with performing initial evaluations and assessments of all suggested candidates.

Your prayers matter! Please join us every other Tuesday morning as members of our congregation and the search committee engage in a sweet time of prayer for the Senior Pastor search. To do this, email us at to receive the Zoom link.

Praise God that we are in His loving care. 

Grace and peace, 
SPSC (Senior Pastor Search Committee)

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Please refer to the timeline for regular updates and milestones. 

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