• August - Session announced there will be a Senior Pastor search after Transitional Pastor established
  • November - Transitional Pastor, John Crosby, joined Menlo Church


  • February 3 - Session revisited the Senior Pastor search process
  • February 23 - Session asked for committee nominations from congregation to be collected by campus pastors
  • March - Elders started contacting nominees
  • April - Committee Selected: Session approved 10 nominees (6 congregational members and 4 Elders) to serve as the Senior Pastor Search Committee. 
  • May - Committee Formation: Prayerful research in Senior Pastor search process, history of Menlo Church, understanding on the vision of Menlo Church from Vision Menlo Church task force, and covenant agreement among committee members 
  • June - Tasks and Milestones: Drafting of job description, candidate profile, and church profile. Research into Executive Search Firms 
  • July - Selection of AGORA Search Group: Session Approval and Onboarding of AGORA Search Group 
  • August - Initial meetings between AGORA, SPSC, and Staff, with visits to a few campuses, to better understand Menlo’s values, vision, mission, and culture. 
  • September - AGORA launches formal search for candidates 
  • October - AGORA makes initial contact with over 200  Congregation-recommended Pastors and referrals from respected Pastors. Initial screening of some interested Pastors with reference checks with other ministry partners.
  • November - AGORA continues due diligence with recommended and referred Pastors.  SPSC does an initial screening through video reviews of multiple sermons for each promising candidate


  • February - AGORA and SPSC jointly move forward with four strong candidates who have shown early interest in serving as the Senior Pastor of Menlo Church, matching our early interest in them serving Menlo.  While we have not capped the process of considering new candidates should they yet enter the search process, we are moving forward in our evaluation of these four strong candidates.   
  • Spring - Second Level interviews (ECO Ministry Partnership Team, Session, and Staff)
  • Summer - Candidate on location preaching, employment offer is extended, offer is accepted, and Congregational vote
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