Updates from our Elders

March 20, 2021

Dear Menlo Church,

We are writing to inform you that Michael Bryce Jr, the Mountain View worship director, was terminated from employment at Menlo Church effective yesterday, March 19, for demonstrated poor judgement. 

Below, we share what we can at this point and describe the reason for this action, which was determined by our staff leadership and elders. We also want to say that this is difficult news to share. Yet, more than anything, we are committed to making sure our church remains a safe and secure environment.

Here is what led to this decision: Earlier this week, we were contacted by someone who claimed that, many years ago, Michael engaged in inappropriate behavior online. The allegation was from several years before Michael joined our staff. When our leaders learned about the allegation, Michael was immediately put on leave. Due to the claim, we contacted law enforcement, and they are undertaking an investigation. 

We have now received clearance from law enforcement to communicate about this with you. We are also in the process of following up with volunteers who worked with Michael. We have no reason to believe that anyone was affected at Menlo Church, but if you have any concerns, please reach out to your campus pastor. Or, if you prefer to contact an outside party, Zero Abuse has generously offered to intake any requests. 

We recognize that this news is heavy to receive. It may evoke difficult memories or emotions for many of us. This is a hard reminder that our churches, by the grace of God, are gatherings of ordinary, imperfect people. We are in this together, and our staff and pastors are here for you. We hope that you will reach out to your church family as you need. We also invite you to read this reflection to remind us that Jesus is still in our midst. Please join us in praying for everyone who has suffered or is suffering. 

In Christ, 

John Crosby, Transitional Pastor, and David Kim, Elder Board Chair

1111 University Drive Menlo Park, CA 94025

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