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June 15, 2021

Since the formation of the Senior Pastor Search Committee (SPSC) approved by Session on April 13th, SPSC has been meeting most Thursday evenings. Committee members signed a Covenant Agreement, committing to prayer, respect, thoughtful process, and appropriate confidentiality throughout the search process. We had a half-day off-site in May, with another off-site planned for June 19. We have spent time building a foundation of collective understanding of what kind of Senior Pastor we are seeking by wrestling with questions such as who we are as a church, and where we want to go. We have reviewed the report from VMC - Vision Menlo Church - the Affirmation of Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs (approved by Session of MPPC on August 16, 2011), and are reviewing our Multi-Site model with the church Leadership Team. 

The Committee has utilized the book “Search: The Pastoral Search Committee Handbook” by search consultant William Vanderbloemen as a template to guide us through this process. Many of the search committee members are also reading “A Church Called TOV: Forming a Goodness Culture That Resists Abuses of Power and Promotes Healing” by Seminary Professor Scot McKnight.

We intend to make more task-focused progress in June and will interview search firms to see if engaging one of them would help the search process. We have broken out into the following workstreams: 

  • Evaluating search firms (Jeff & Neil) 
  • Developing candidate profile (Gerry & Sabrina) 
  • Developing job description (Gilbert & Milo) 
  • Refreshing church profile (David H & David D) 
  • Communication (Beth, David D & Sabrina) 
  • Prayer (Beth & Jennifer) 
  • Collectively we will work on the first draft of a timeline from now until our new Senior Pastor is hired, knowing that this will most likely need modification along the way. 

We thank you for sending your suggestions for our next senior pastor. We have received over a dozen or so recommended candidates from the congregation, staff, and others. In addition to your suggestions, we will believe the ECO Presbytery, future postings, and search firms will also offer candidate suggestions. 

God has already chosen the future leader for Menlo Church. Please join us in prayer as we humbly and prayerfully depend on God to show us who this might be. More updates will be available on our website.

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