May 4, 2021

Dear Menlo Church Family,

It has been a few months since we have given an update on the supplemental investigation, and we want to let you know about the progress that has been made.  

As we mentioned in our January update, the Supplemental Investigation Advisory Committee recommended Zero Abuse Project to conduct the supplemental investigation into the activities of the volunteer who served in the Menlo Park campus ministries in the past. Since formally hiring them, the Zero Abuse team has been actively interviewing people, contacting over 300 individuals and families who were closest to the volunteer in his ministry work with Student ministries, including during Mexicali mission trips. More interviews are scheduled from now through May, and additional ones may be added if new people come to their attention. If you would like to speak to Zero Abuse yourself, please contact them at

The Zero Abuse team has also taken a deep dive into our Kids and Students programs to assess our protocols and safety measures. Once they complete their investigation, they will offer recommendations to help us improve our child protection measures. Meanwhile, our leadership is reviewing standard best practices to see where we can be improving on our goal of child protection, even before they give us a formal assessment. 

Based on the number of interviews Zero Abuse has conducted and plan to conduct, their best estimate is that the final report will be released in late summer or this fall. We understand this extended timeline can be discouraging, but we ask for your continued patience to allow Zero Abuse to complete a thorough, complete, and conclusive investigation. Until then, we will update the website as relevant updates emerge. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the supplemental investigation, please reach out to Supplemental Investigation Advisory Committee at

We remain steadfast in putting your children’s safety first and to digging deeply for truth. We acknowledge that we can do better, and we are grateful for your enduring faith in knowing that God continues to work in our church. Please reach out to your campus pastors or the elders any time with prayer requests, suggestions, encouragement, or concerns.

With grace and peace,

The Elder Board and The Supplemental Investigation Advisory Committee

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