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What About Safety?

We are so glad you asked! Safety is a top priority. We know you wouldn't leave your kids with just anyone. Every volunteer goes through a screening process which includes a background check, reference checks, and an interview (just to name a few things). However, Menlo Kids is more than just a physically safe place, it is also an emotional and spiritually safe place. We are a place where kids can ask tough questions and be in a relationship with leaders and other kids who support and care for each other.

When can I check my kids in?

Check-In begins 15 minutes before the beginning of each service. Prior to that, our teams are meeting and preparing for your kids.

Special Needs

Menlo Kids welcomes students of all abilities! We partner with parents to learn how we can support their child in our existing kids’ programs. If needed, a one-on-one volunteer, called a ‘buddy,’ will help kids participate in activities and interact appropriately with their same-age peers. Buddy support is available with advance notice only. If you’re interested in a buddy for your child, here’s our special needs form.
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Wellness Policy

To promote a healthy environment at Menlo Kids, we ask that you keep your child at home when any of the following are observed in your child: Fever equal to or greater than 100, runny nose, questionable rash, productive cough, diarrhea, chicken pox, measles or mumps, conjunctivitis (pink eye) or lice.If a child is being treated with antibiotics for any reason, he or she should receive treatment 24 hours before coming to Menlo Kids. Menlo Kids volunteers are unable to administer medication of any kind to your children.If a child becomes ill, or displays any of the above symptoms while in our care, we will contact you immediately.If a medical situation (beyond a little boo-boo) or illness arises and requires medical attention, you will be notified immediately.If a life-threatening illness or injury occurs, parents and emergency services will be contacted.

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