Serve Your City

Serve Your City Neighborhood Edition! 
Serve your community, school, and street.

Save the date: August 5-11
All community and school projects will take place on August 10. Our new 7-Day Street Challenge (see details below) will take place August 5-11.

Registration opens July 18

7-Day Street Challenge
Live out the call to love your neighbor! The goal of this seven-day challenge is to serve those we see every day and break down the relational walls in our neighborhood. You will get a daily text reminder with a suggestion for you, your family, or your Life Group to serve your neighbors through acts of kindness. 

Together we will see God bring hope, strength, and joy to those around us. Everybody’s welcome to take part! We encourage you to invite your friends and neighbors to participate in service projects stretching from San Francisco to the South Bay. This is a perfect opportunity to invite someone who's never visited Menlo Church, or church at all.

Why we serve:

God has uniquely gifted each of us to serve. We're created to live an outrageously generous life and share Jesus' love.

When we serve others, we find purpose and joy that can't be found anywhere else.

When we serve together, we build authentic community and grow in our own relationship with Jesus.

When we serve the community, it brings hope. Faith is visible and within reach; the people we serve come closer to God and lives are transformed.

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. We can’t wait to hear how God uses you! Post on social media using #menloserves

1111 University Drive Menlo Park, CA 94025

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