August 2021 Newsletter


An EXAMEN on ‘Going Back to Church’

There’s enough Catholic "bad boy/sinner" in me to feel bad that I’ve REALLY lost my tempo with this time with YOU… So let’s reflect on that. The “Pray as you Go” folks suggest beginning with becoming still, so as to sense YOUR presence, but a car horn has been blaring for 1-2 minutes straight. I don’t know if I should wait it out… it’s done. (And there’s an "after-blare" in my mind now:) )

Lord Jesus, good morning. Today I remember how you’d go up into the hills and pray alone, early or late… mostly I just sit on the couch and get bored. I’ve been thinking about the nature of church as we work/struggle/worry/plan/ pray to get "back to regular church" after COVID and the disruption around John… and some of the difficulty is just the loss of discipline. Of routine. Of going into the sanctuary and sitting still long enough for you and my racing thoughts to catch up with one another. For "that sense" that You’re THERE/Here, and that I no more have to prove myself than the 2-year-old has to prove herself when she cries out in the night, and her father the Emperor comes to her, with water and a soothing hand, a gentle whisper and attentive ear… what a great image of prayer, isn’t it? Goes along with Scott Sauls, who felt guilty about always falling asleep when he prays at night, until he had the image of a child falling asleep on a parent’s chest, and what parent gets angry with that, but loves that their child is close, and safe….

Anyway, the mechanics of "church stuff" and "leading, being responsible for all this church stuff" can wear me down, or at least not refresh my soul. I bet there’s a lot of folks who feel this way; how can I/we reassure them of the heart-healing time THIS is, where I’m not accomplishing anything (not even working through my prayer list), but just being reminded of Your Presence, and Your Love, and the Joy You have being with me when I’m not SO distracted (only ‘a little distracted’ by the cute baby)… that Joy YOU have, that YOU want to share with me, with all of us. THAT’s why we want to get back to church, Please remind me of that when I jump right to worrying about stupidity like, “I hope ‘enough’ will show up.” YOU already know who’ll show up to be re-fresher like I feel right now, and YOU’ve been waiting for us. See you soon.

Looking forward with hope and joy,
John Crosby
Transitional Pastor


Join us Saturday, August 14 to build food kits to provide 230,472 meals for children and their families in Vietnam. Serve with community, reconnect, make new friends, and make a difference together! It's easy, fun, and all ages are welcome! We'll be wearing masks and social distancing. DETAILS + REGISTER


Beginning the week of September 21, Menlo Labs will be fun, interactive gatherings tackling a range of topics, including parenting, finances, marriage, the enneagram, justice, and more! Registration coming soon. (Get a reminder when registration opens by texting "MenloLabs" to 94000.) LEARN MORE


Check our website to stay up-to-date on Menlo Church news, including updates about the supplemental investigation as we have them. This month, be sure to read about the search firm we chose for the senior pastor search.


Sunday, September 19 at 1pm The Annual Meeting, which will be online, will include a time to elect our new Elders and get an update on the church budget. (Note that to vote, you need to be a church member.) This will be follow by a town hall with more updates. LEARN HOW TO ATTEND + DETAILS

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