May 2022 Newsletter


This week we said goodbye to John Crosby as he finished his time as our transitional pastor. As we search for our next senior pastor, I am honored to serve as the acting head of staff and leader for our church. For those who don’t know me, I have been serving at Menlo Church as director of our campuses. Before that, I was the campus pastor for our Saratoga congregation.

I came to Menlo in 2007 to launch and pastor our campus in Mountain View. As a college student wrestling with big questions about faith and purpose, I wondered if the Jesus I met as a kid growing up in small town Montana was real? Were the stories true? And what really mattered in this life?

In the midst of those questions, I found Menlo. What I remember most about that season was “seeing” Jesus in the sermons, prayers, and songs. I saw the hearts of the people who were part of this church and was gripped by God’s love and grace. I was convinced that this was something worth devoting my life to.

After all we've been through these past years, we know how much we need God’s grace and mercy in our lives -- and we know how much our world needs to see Jesus and experience the hope and life he brings.

Every week, I meet people who walk in the door and find themselves at home. Like I was so many years ago, they too are grateful to have found a place where they can grow in faith in the midst of a loving community. God is doing something new again…I sense it and I see it…I hope you do too.

So, I will do my best to lead well in this season, BUT we need to do this together. Here is what I ask of you:

First, please PRAY! Pray for me, our staff, and our elders - that we would follow Jesus, passionately and faithfully. Pray for our search team as they seek our next pastor.

Second, if you have not yet come back to church in person, now is the time. We miss you. If you have lost connection, find a place to plug in - a ministry, a life group, lab, a study…just engage! I know many of you have served faithfully for a long time. THANK YOU! Keep going, don’t lose heart. You are building up treasure that no one can take away. Who you are becoming in this season matters deeply to God.

Finally, let’s be generous, as generous as we can be -- with our time, our attention, our wealth, and our hearts. God loves to bring light out of darkness, hope from despair, and life from death. And, thankfully, we get to be a part of it.

I am so grateful to serve with all of you and I’m so excited to see what God has in store in this next season in the life of our church.

With you,
Scott Palmbush, Acting Head of Staff

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